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What excites you most about your industry?


"I love positively impacting people and seeing how they change from their old limiting habits and beliefs into new limitless ones.  It is fascinating to see people unveil their hidden abilities and discover their true strengths.


Aside from teaching people how to better understand themselves and to strive in the workplace, I have also taught people to be confident, to be grateful, and to have positive mindsets. 


I believe one of the most crucial elements needed in the corporate workplace, rather than just technical skills, is empowering life skills and inspiring others. It is what I strive for as a trainer and coach."

Interviewed by Callum Laing

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Change and Business Growth Through Innovation


"From the moment Agnes sprung onto the stage, delegates knew they were in for a high-octane hour.  Agnes has come to UHY's Annual Conference to inject a little innovative thinking and to motivate delegates to consider embracing change and adopting what she refers to as a growth mindset." 

"Changing the status quo is very important.  Asking the bigger questions - for Bill Gates, Microsoft was not about 'how can we do software better?' but more about 'how can we be the intelligence behind all computers?'  They innovate to change the rules of the game."

Interviewed by Flex Partners, UK.

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How to Network for Success

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"The focus of your networking should be on making solid connections - this is more productive than superficially meeting everyone in the room.  Quality trumps quantity.


We need to open up in our conversations to make meaningful connections.  The more open we are, the more people will be drawn to us because we are being authentic.  When we share something personal, it gives your listener permission to do the same."

A Plus Feb 2019 - Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants 

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 Flexibility in the Workplace through Shared Talents

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"For leaders to be effective, the most important element for flexibility in the workplace is a mindset. Leaders should focus on the core values and output of the business instead of the process. In today’s digital environment, there are many alternatives to delivering a project. It is more important for leaders to leverage these advantages, especially in an environment like the current pandemic. The traditional methods of delivering results have their advantages, but there are also more effective ways and tactics to deliver the same results. Below I will suggest to you three ways how to achieve a flexible work environment."

A Plus June 2020 - Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants 

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What is the best piece of advice you have received?

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I have learned from my mentor that the most valuable and secure investment one can invest in is investing in oneself.  That is why I believe in life-long learning.  I always schedule time annually to attend classes to upgrade myself.


While there are risks in every investment portfolio, there are only absolute returns if we invest in ourselves. Learning something new every single day, sharpening my own skills, and teaching it back to the public has been my motto and way of life. I want everyone around me to also understand the importance of investing in oneself. 

Phuket News > Business 2019

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Gender Equality Goals in Workplace

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Harassment needs to be identified and immediately stopped no matter in what countries or cultures.  Such activity being overlooked is a clear indication that more profound gender inequality is happening within the organization.

Equality Campaign - Business and Professional Women of Hong Kong

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