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Chris McManus_Charles Tyrwhitt.png

Chris McManus

Chief People & Customer Service Officer

Charles Tyrwhitt, UK

Agnes is an extraordinarily dedicated, motivated and hardworking individual. During the many years that I have known her she has remained utterly committed to imparting knowledge and developing all of her many pupils.  Highly creative and inventive, nothing is too much trouble for Agnes, who will always go the extra mile to ensure that she delivers to an exceptional standard in all that she does.  Agnes is both professional and caring and it was my absolute pleasure to work with. I have no doubt that she will continue to impact positively on all of those who are fortunate enough to work with her - she really is a lovely person and I wish her every good fortune.

Adrienne Bailly_HERMES.png

Adrienne Bailly

Director of Western Canada


I had the pleasure of working with Agnes early in her career. Agnes is a positive, energetic, and dynamic leader who pursues personal development and provides growth opportunities for those around her.  She is passionate about people and diligently served her clientele and team with enthusiasm. An engaged learner, her eyes are always wide open to the possibility and potential of any situation.  She brings out the best in people and would be a true asset to any organisation's team.

Celia To_The Body Shop.png

Celia To

Head of Marketing, Corporate Responsibility and Commercial   

The Body Shop 

With vast knowledge of retailing, from operations to customer experience, training to people management, Agnes was always a helpful partner to different function teams and valuable asset to the company, we had great time working and growing together with L’Occitane, expanding the company footprint and values not only in Hong Kong, but also in Asia Pacific region. Her dedication to provide professional and excellent services has gained her goodwill from all walks of life around the globe.

Veronica Emilia C. Lim_City of Dream.png

Veronica Emilia C. Lim

Senior Manager, Retail & Mall

City of Dream at Manila, Philippines

I met Agnes mid-2000 when I managed L’Occitane for Travel Retail in the Philippines.  I knew very little of the brand but Agnes quickly changed that.  Her knowledge of the brand was simply amazing.  And her training skill was superb!  Our Beauty Consultants, through Agnes became quite adept at selling!

Amy Chew_Malaysia Airport.png

Amy Chew

Assistant General Manager

Color & Fragrance Malaysia International Airport at Kuala Lumpur

Agnes has trained our Malaysia Airport Travel Retail staff of diverse cultures; handling the customer satisfaction at the Airport.  We were amazed by her ability to interact with our staff who came from different backgrounds.  In my time working with Agnes, I believe that she is an ideal trainer for Travel Retail business.

Marina Iriazabal_HSBC.png

Marina Iriazabal

Global Communication Manager


Agnes trained HSBC ASP Digital Community on Strengths-based Leader development. Great session, very straight forward, interactive and meaningful for our employees.  I highly recommend other companies who care about their employee  development to organize workshops with Agnes.

Barbara Pruvost_L'Occitane.png

Barbara Pruvost

Senior Spa Business Development Manager


Agnes is a highly charismatic and impactful leader. She has been instrumental in helping me building my leadership skills through my early years with L’Occitane in Hong Kong.  She is a seasoned public speaker who has a genuine passion for bringing the best out of everyone she coaches.  I strongly recommend her to anyone looking at enhancing his self-confidence, public speaking and communication skills.


Khalid Khan 

Tomorrow's Youth Development Fund Limited

I have known Agnes for nearly two decades. She impressed me as an ethical, energetic and knowledgeable Trainer. She can skillfully impart integrative skills to the participants for higher performance. She also helped us tirelessly to promote the Charity programs to coach Youths for sharpening their Mindsets with essential work skills. I do highly recommend her to your organization for her actionable insights as a Motivational, Inspiring n Resilient Trainer.


Thomas Olson

Product Director and Business Development

Broken Circle Studios

Agnes is a dynamic speaker.  She engages workshop attendees directly, and brings  them into the discussion with a number of techniques. She conveyed the information on DISC Personality was clear and useful, with Agnes using a lot of attendee's participation to have us demonstrate and absorb the insights she was passing on. I hope to attend more of her workshops, and I highly recommend her.

Rosemary Rae_Jurlique.png

Rosemary Rae

Organisational Development & Training Manager Global


Agnes is a dynamic and engaging trainer. She is committed to making a positive difference in the world and in the lives of others. She is tireless, always learning and growing and enjoys guiding others on their journey towards knowledge, happiness & fulfilment.

Helene Goetzelmann_L'Occitane.png

Helene Goetzelmann

Senior Director International Marketing


Agnes is a passionate trainer, who knows how to inspire teams and build strong energy, enthusiasm and commitment around her projects.  I truly enjoyed collaborating with Agnes, both from a personal and professional point of view.  She is a generous and caring professional.  Definitely a strong assent for any organization.

Morna Lee_SMCP.png

Morna Lee

Regional Human Resources Director

SMCP (Sandro, Maje, Claudie Pierlot)

Agnes is always full of energy.  She is passionate and very talented in training and always came up with good ideas.  Thank you for your training to my team at SMCP.

Shiela Cancino_4S Scholarship Foundation

Shiela Cancino

Confidence Coach and Founder

4S Scholarship Foundation

Agnes is an inspiration to many including myself.  I’m blessed to witness her inspirational speeches that touched me deeply.  I will also never forget her Evaluation Skill Workshop.  I learned a lot from it.  Agnes is a great leader, communicator and trainer - indeed a solution to day-to-day challenge!   If you want a trainer who motivates your team to improve productivity and team morale, I would recommend Agnes.

Kam Wong_Australia Listed Jewelry Retail

Kam Wong

Head of Finance

Australia Listed Jewelry Retailer

Agnes has done a high impact training and everyone has learnt a lot from her with fun and laughters.  She is a highly motivated and influential trainer who consistently comes with huge energy, big smile and gets you hooked on what she want to coach you.  I am so impressed by her power of influence.  She is a passionate leader and enjoys helping people grow.  I highly recommend Agnes’ online training and wish her a huge success in her future endeavours.

Steve Bruce_Linkedin SB Consulting.png

Steve Bruce

Linkedin Consultant

SB Consulting

I recently had the great pleasure to work with one of my LinkedIn clients, Agnes to work on my StrengthsFinder 34 Themes profile. This personality assessment tool proposes that it is better to play to your strengths rather than focus on your weaknesses,  I really found the session useful and would recommend Agnes Coaching to anyone wanting to 'know thyself' better.

Image by Ben White


student's Parent

“I have experienced many different private coaches for my son in the past years.  Agnes Lo is different.  She has the magic to transform my son from shy to confident through public speaking.  Agnes connects well with my son and has built a trusting relationship with him. Nothing makes me happier than my son is happy and confident and he is looking forward to Agnes’s class every week”.

Irene Wat

Chief of Staff, Private Banking North Asia, Credit Suisse

Parent of a Year 8 student of Australian International School, HK

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