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* Public Speaking training

* Strengths-based Coaching

* Motivational Keynote Speaker

PUBLIC speakinG training 

Do you remember getting butterflies in your stomach when you had to deliver a speech in front of an audience?  No matter if you are a young person or an adult, public speaking can be nerve-wracking.  To speak up, speak clearly and speak with confidence are important skills to learn earlier in life. Our youth public speaking program is very popular right now.  Our programs help children formulate their ideas into well-organized and structured speeches and stories for schools or for daily communication. Every class has practising time with feedback.   Whether your child is shy or an aspiring actor, we welcome them!

Communication & 

sales Presentation


Interpersonal communication skills and polished presentation skills are the key winning factors in life. Whether you're facing an interview, pitching a new business, speaking at your annual meeting, or laying out your strategy to your team, your business success depends upon high-caliber presentations and communication. We use tools of DISC Personality Profiling, NLP techniques and Toastmasters Pathways learnings as our tools to design our programs to sharpen our audience's skills.  Audiences respond best to speakers who use can convey ideas effectively.  Our communication skills program includes verbal and non-verbal communications, writing and formal presentations.  

leadership skills Training

There is a difference between being a leader and being a manager, but the best managers are also great leaders who motivate and engage others, connecting people with a common vision.   We are largely instrumental in designing strengths and values-based leadership training workshops that bring out the best in individuals, groups and top local and international corporations.  We work with your teams to strengthen their core leadership skills which will help them identify ways they can continue to improve over time.





Switching on your human potential and focusing on what you naturally do best will build results. Strengths-based development leads to higher engagement and better employee experience. Organisations in the top quartile of engagement have 4X greater earnings-per-share growth, higher profitability, 8% to 18% performance improvement than their competitors. We use our Gallup-Clifton Strengths Development Course to provide participants to maximize their potential. Contact us to get your assessment test done. Once you know your talents, you'll be empowered, and feel more fulfilled personally and professionally.

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